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The mission of the Quantitative and Qualitative Analysis in Social Sciences (QASS) is to promote free and effective scientific communication across a broad spectrum of researchers. Whilst its primary disciplines are economics, finance and econometrics the journal includes contributions from mathematics and statistics.


Economics: Economic behaviour needs to be understood in many dimensions and at many levels. QASS aims to strike a balance between analytical rigour and practical relevance with the view that economic analysis is a means to an end rather than an end in itself. The journal invites submissions of original articles in all fields of economics. Specific research areas covered include: financial economics; international economics; macroeconomics; microeconomics; political economy.

Finance: QASS publishes high quality research in all areas of finance, striving to establish an interface between theory and practice and promote debate. Contributions that deal with issues and policies of the real financial world are particularly welcomed. Topic areas include: accounting; capital and security markets; corporate finance and corporate governance; financial engineering; mathematical finance; risk management.

Econometrics and Statistics: The journal welcomes creative contributions across a wide range of issues concerned with all aspects of econometrics and statistics. The following research areas, although not exhaustive, are representative of the coverage in this journal: applied probability; econometric theory; financial econometrics; statistical mathematics; time series analysis.

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