Conference on

Macro and Financial Economics: Theory and Applications

Brunel University, West London




Main Session (Gaskell Building Room 210) 

Tuesday 24th May 2011


Coffee Reception: 9.30-10.00


Session 1. Evangelos Dioikitopoulos (Brunel University)



Alexis Anagnostopoulos (State University of New York, USA): Dividend and Capital Gains Taxation under Incomplete Markets


Wencke Böhm (University of Bielefeld, Germany): Pension Systems and their Meaning for Welfare


Ghulame Rubbaniy: (Erasmus University, Holland): Herd Behaviour and Trading of Dutch Pension Funds


Coffee break: 11.30-12.00


Session  2.  Chair: Russ Moro (Brunel University)



Lunch Break: 13.30-14.30 (Room 210)


Session  3.  Chair: Dilruba Karim (Brunel University)



Daniel Ladley (University of Leicester, UK): Contagion and Risk-sharing on the Inter-bank Market


Guy Liu (Brunel University): Does Market Structure Matter on Banks’ Profitability and Stability? Emerging versus Advanced Economies


Andreas Tsopanakis (University of Glasgow, UK): Constructing an Efficient Financial Stress Index


Coffee break: 16.00-16.30


Session  4.  Chair: Aris Kartsaklas (Brunel University)



Ozge Kandemir (University of Sheffield, UK):  Real Effects of Inflation Uncertainty in the US


Séverine Menguy (Université de Paris-Ouest, France): Inflation Rate, Indebtedness and Interest Rates on the Public Debt in a Monetary Union


Sushanta Mallick (Queen Mary, University of London, UK): Inflationary Pressures and Monetary Policy:  Evidence from BRICS Economies


Dinner: 19.00


Parallel Session (Gaskell Building Room 169)


Coffee Reception: 9.30-10.00


Session 1. Chair: Javier Coto-Martinez (Brunel University)



Coffee break: 11.40-12.00


Lunch: 13.30-14.30 (Room 210)


Session 2. Chair: Omaima Hassan (Brunel University)



Dinner: 19.00