Past Issues

Volume 4, Issue 2, 2010


Asset Allocation and a Time-varying Risk Target


Jinhui Luo, Stephen E. Satchell and Runquan Chen

QASS, Vol. 4 (2), 2010, 1-28

A New Approach for the Dynamic Modelling of Credit Risk

John Hatgioannides and Yang Liu

QASS, Vol. 4 (2), 2010, 29-48

Exchange Rates and Fundamentals: Is there a Role for Nonlinearities in Real Time?

Kurmas Akdoğan and Yunus Aksoy

QASS, Vol. 4 (2), 2010, 49-81

Monetary and Fiscal Policy Interaction: What is the Role of the Transaction Cost of the Tax System in Stabilisation Policies?

Panagiotis Chronis Aspassia Strantzalou

QASS, Vol. 4 (2), 2010, 82-113






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